Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Know Your Earth

I learned that our planet Earth is indeed one of the most beautiful and wonderful things that ever exist. NASA (or National Aeronautics and Space Administration), doesn’t just study space but also our home planet. They developed Earth observing satellites that can help us to understand our unique planet get a global view of our changing world. Some of those satellites are Aura, Terra, Aqua, Calipso, Cloudsat, ACRIMsat, ICEsat, Jason, LANDSAT,  Quickscat, and GRACE. Some facts that I learned are:
a) Without an atmosphere, our planet would average a frosty 0F. That’s why there are Greenhouse gases that act like a blanket that traps solar energy and as time passes by, it continues to keep Earth a cozy 60F on average. NASA helps us to understand how that blanket is changing.
b) Since 1870, sea level has gone up  over 10 inches and NASA satellites show that it has risen over 2 inches in the last 15 years alone
c) More than 10000 forest fires are burning everyday on earth. NASA satellites can detect large fires, helping to locate where to send firefighters and where to plant trees after.
d) Greenland loses enough ice to fill 2000 earthmovers every minute. NASA satellites measure melting ice.

I watched a video presentation showing the beauty of our planet earth and the changes that it experienced as time passed by.
I participated in the online discussion by expressing thoughts and ideas about our Earth in my blog and by sharing what I learned on the video presentation that I watched.


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