Friday, October 10, 2014

Climate Change: A Look into the Future

I learned that Climate Change is already affecting global food production. And it will surely have even more impact in the years to come.
Carbon dioxide or CO2, a major greenhouse gas, is a primary cause of global warming. Several human activities cause the production of carbon dioxide like burning fossil fuels. The rate of increase in global warming due to greenhouse gases is very likely unprecedented within the past 10,000 years and more. But plants use carbon dioxide to grow and live. High CO2 is good for photosynthesis.
Scientists predict that several areas will experience more drought, more fires, and even warmer temperatures. While some areas will experience colder temperatures, more rainfall, etc. In high latitudes, the agriculture will be okay even for a while but in low latitudes, the effect of climate change will be negative even from the beginning.
In the next 40 years, there might be more 2 billion people to feed. Much of this population growth is expected to have a great impact on countries already facing food shortage issues. Population is increasing but the land for food productions is not.
Climate Change really affects us all, that's why our responses need to be global and major.
I watched a video about "Climate Change and Agriculture" which showed a look into the future of our planet.

I participated in the online discussion by expressing thoughts and ideas about our Earth in my blog and by sharing what I learned on the video presentation that I watched.


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