Saturday, June 30, 2012

Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ)

The red line represents the ITCZ.

         Today I learned that Intertropical Convergence Zone or ITCZ,  that is also known as "doldrums" and first known as "Intertropical Front", is the area encircling the earth near the equator where winds originating in the northern and southern hemispheres come together. It appears as a band of clouds, usually thunderstorms that circle the globe near the equator. It affects rainfall that results to wet and dry season.
            I will apply my learnings about ITCZ in other lessons related with these and also in my everyday life because ITCZ is also related with rains that affects us. 
            Learning about these phenomenon is important because it makes us understand what's going on with the weather. It's because when we don't know what's happening about the weather, we can't even prepare if there will be a rain. We're the one who will be affected. 
           On a larger scale, I will share my learnings about these phenomenon to other people/students because  they might also study these lesson so in advance, they'll know about it and also to help them to become aware about the things happening around them. 
            I need to know more about ITCZ so that I'll be more aware and I'll understand this phenomenon better. ^__^